Koyark Fashion In Teshie Mobil Re-Brands To Koyark Couture

After so many years of doing a successful fashion business in Ghana, the management of former Koyark Fashion has announced a re-branding of their name to Koyark Couture. This information came as a result of expansion projects after signing a deal with Sammy Flex TV to cloth its presenter and CEO Sammy Flex for two years.

In an interview with the CEO of Koyark Couture aka Francis Kofi Koyark on phone, he told www.sammyflextv.com that the change of name has become necessary because they are growing and needed a better representation especially after gaining more publicity and attention from the Sammy Flex TV deal.

“Ever since we signed the partnership deal with Sammy Flex TV, we have observed a steady growth in our activities and we want to take advantage of that. We have also realized that the use of “Fashion this and that Fashion” has been used and abused in Ghana so to stand out, we have decided to re-brand to Koyark Couture to give us a new and a unique look” he revealed.

As part of their re-branding process, Koyark Couture has initiated a promo package for all its customers in Ghana and abroad for a 10% cut in what they call the Black Friday for all customers. Take advantage of this deal and contact them now for more details on the poster and call this number for inquiries 0242-557715. Koyark Couture is opened for both international and local businesses as well.

See posters below for more details

Story by: Akua Gyemfa