Afia Schwar Exposes Mzbel: “She Was Sleeping With My Boyfriend Blanket”

Controversial Ghanaian media personality Afia Schwarzenegger in a recent interview has spilled the beans over reasons why hiplife musician and fellow NDC sympathizer Mzbel is no longer her friend.

Speaking to Ola Michael host of Entertainment GH on Neat 100.9 FM, Afia revealed Mzbel had sex with her boyfriend Blanket and that it was the man that confessed to her after he got married.

“Listen, I won’t bath, put on a nice dress to come sit here with my beloved daughter and be discussing rubbish. I will never do that. So I don’t tolerate people’s rubbish. I said I will not mingle with you any longer so why should I grant interviews over this? Listen, this lady that you talking about, she was my friend and I said I don’t want to be friends with her any longer and then she came to meet me at Selly Galley’s party with an apology. She apologized to me publicly and I was forced to hug her. Ola I will show you the message I sent Mzbel that made me stop being friends with her” she revealed.

“This is the last time I will say anything about this. Because I don’t want to give that bitch audience. I just want you to know why she is no more my friend. I don’t want to go into details on these issues. When I stopped being friends with her, she went crying to my brother to talk to me. I don’t play with you on social media and it`s been two years I decided not to be friends with her so why is she still granting interviews?” she explained.

Afia added: “I am like I can’t tolerate what had happened between us. I am saying this on records, it was her own close friend that came to tell me to be very careful with her. I left my boyfriend at home with my friend, when I returned home both my friend and boyfriend had disappeared and were not answering my calls. Even at that time, when I was very worried over such situation, I was still explaining this to this same friend. Yes, until it got to a point that my friend asked me to send her my boyfriend’s number”.

“Then I sent the number to her. But let me tell you Ola, when you are dealing with stupid people you need to give them some room. She later sent me a screenshot of her conversation with my boyfriend and I realized she had been talking to my man long before she came asking for his number from me. When I confronted her, she started crying. And when I confronted the guy, he came to confess. Later my friend came to my birthday to confess that my boyfriend made advances on her and that is why she is not in good terms with my boyfriend. She made this confession on my birthday right in front of my relatives”.

“As I speak to you, Blanket is happily married. And do you know what he told me? He told me he had sex with my friend and she wanted me to keep a relationship with her but I was scared of you. So she told me she was going to blackmail me and she did. What kind of friendship is that? I have decided not to talk about that shit because she doesn’t deserve my attention. But I am giving the message so you will know. But you see, I have not suffered because the man still pays me. But I don’t have anything to do with him. He broke my heart so every month, he pays me broken heart fee else I will tell his wife. You think we came playing in Accra? I receive broken heart salary every month.” she revealed

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)