“I Don’t Have A Problem With Tornado, I Am Very Disappointed In Nayas Rather” – Pamela Odame

Popular Instagram model and actress Pamela Odame Watara has responded to claims by Nana Tornado that she is a prostitute and expressed her disappointment in the TV host who goes by the name Nayas.

Speaking to Nana Adwoa on Entertainment City on Atinka TV, she said Tornado was just a friend during her uncivilized era and not this time that she is famous than him.

“He claimed I was with him, introducing him to people as a celebrity, that was 4-5 years ago. So yeah we went out to have fun and the club and he asked for Ghc60. I am from Kenya so what is the big deal if I can speak Twi? So saying he had one night stand with me doesn’t add up. How does going out to have fun a one night stand? We have slept. I didn’t take money from you for anything. I never dated Tornado. I can’t fuck my ass so how can I date such a person like Tornado? As for the things I heard them talk about in the car hmmm”

“But listen, Tornado I don’t have a problem with him. The person I have a problem with is Nayas. If it was her mother that Tornado was talking about wouldn’t she have stopped him? If it was her biological sister, won’t she have stopped him? So you respect your programme than our friendship, then there is no point. I call you as my big sister. We do almost everything together. If it was her biological sister, won’t she have stopped him? And he went ahead to say Pamela Odame is a prostitute and you come back to me expecting that we pretend everything is normal?” she asked.

“I refer to Nayas as my sister. But when this incident happened I was so much in pain. There have been so many issues about me. This is not the first time but this particular one hurts because it came from my personal person that has given someone that privilege to come sit on her show to say stuff about me. We are cool but I have advised myself, that’s the thing. I can not be that close anymore because what’s the point? This was even on TV, so if someone was gossiping about me in my absence there is no way she will defend me. There is no way I will give Ernest Opoku that privilege to do this to her if I am to host a programme” she added.

According to the Instagram model, Tornado’s claims are not new to her, people have actually said worse things about her so that is not really a problem.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)