Praye Tietia Threatens To Beat Adom FM’s Mike Two For A Statement He Made About His Wife

A member of music group Praye, Cartel Big J aka Praye Tietia has cautioned Adom FM’s Presenter Mike Two to be very careful with his words when it comes to issues that concern his family.

Selly Galley who is the wife to Praye Tietia rained curses on a lady called Ohenewaa Piesie who referred to her as a barren woman and an ugly being under her post on Instagram. Though the lady has apologized, but Selly has said nothing yet.

Just after Selly Galley rained the curses on the lady, Mike Two also threw some jabs in a nice way to her and he asked her if indeed she is a barren woman and his statement got Praye Tietia angry and has cautioned him to be careful with words.

“Sometimes those acclaimed celebrities in Ghana should have that big stomach to contain certain things. Even though what the said lady said to Selly Galley was not palatable, Selly should also know the social media constituency they all find themselves there is a constituency with no MP where things said over there are not filtered..
So has she accepted that she is a barren?.
Celebrities who don’t want to be disrespected or insulted should leave social media…
Will come again…” MikeTwo to Selly Galley

The husband of Selly Galley also responded quickly: “Someone should tell Mike two or three or whoever he is that I said, if he’s a man like my ayigbe self, he should come stand in front of me and repeat those same words, I go beat am like my stomach pikin” Cartel Bigj Praye warned Mike Two

Mike Two later came out to apologize and retracted his statement.
“Yes I did not mean to harm anybody on the comment I made today, I was taking it from different opinion which didn’t go well with many people… Statement retracted…tnx folks…,” Mike Two retracted.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori