Stonebwoy Adds His Voice To The #EndPoliceBrutality: He Explains What Led To His Leg Injury

Livingston Este Satekla better known as Stonebwoy has finally added his voice to the #EndPoliceBrutality in Nigeria as he shares and explained what led to his Injury to the leg.

On Twitter, Stonebwoy said he’s never forgotten how a police man’s Jeep ran into him and damaged his knee till now. According to him, the incidence happened at the age of 14.

He further stated that, the police after hurting him never thought of taking his responsibility of what he did to him and that it was all on his family and not even a compensation to the family came to them.

Nigerians are facing Police attacks aka (Police brutality) and lives are being taken with no regret. This has obviously pushed Stonebwoy on to share his story as he added his voice through a tweet. Read the tweet below.

“As if I’ve forgotten that it’s One police Jeep that ran into Us And Fxxkd My Knee Up.. mans been living with implants From age 14.
The Police Force never took responsibility.
You Need To Compensate The Lives Lost And The Bodies You Disabled.
Share ur story

EndPoliceBrutality,” Stonebwoy tweeted.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori