Audio + Gospel Musician Joyce Blessing “Kurses” Her Former Publicist Julie Jay Kanz

It seems the issues involving Joyce Blessing, her ex-husband and former publicist Julie Jay isn’t over yet. The unbreakable gospel minister has re-fueled the fire raining curses on her former publicist for reporting and flagging content in her new YouTube channel.

The gospel musician in an audio to her former publicist, Juliana Ntiamoah popularly known as Julie Jay said she has been quiet over certain issues for far too long and she is fed up. The angry singer called for tribulations to come upon the life of Julie Jay in this latest tape.

“Juliana Ntiamoah that is your name. God will punish you. You will really suffer in life. The maledictions that was written to that social media user last week is even small. You will suffer and your entire family will have their share of it. Because I have waited patiently for sometime now, all the things you demanded for I have given them to you. And I have not offended you since. The only curse that doesn’t take effect is one that has no basis. My curses on you today has basis and comes with power because I did not wrong you when you were working with me. I treated you like my biological sister. You made money in my name. You sometimes go for my revenue without my knowledge. I have paid for all the money you demanded from me lately. We have sat down with some high profile people and sort out the issue. You have accepted the money. Still I go into my YouTube account and my videos are reported and flagged. I will try to find out why only to realize you are the one doing that after being paid” she angrily said in the audio.

She added: “You are always looking for my trouble. From today, if you ever type my name anywhere on a computer, may the wrath of God come over you. May curses that will make you suffer, curses that will drive men away from you come upon your life. You will forever work in vain. You will never make any gains out of your sweat. If there are forces on earth and in heaven, may they hear me today. I know you will take this on radio and that is the way I want it. You used my content to build all your social media accounts. You sometimes even upload them without my knowledge but I never complained. But you keep pushing me looking for my trouble and you going to get it. If you have ever strike my content in my new accounts before to make me suffer in life, let me tell you something today. No one will ever appreciate you in life unless I’m dead. You will forever roam in Accra in vain till you return to your village. This curse will forever be on your head and that of your children and coming generation. I swear no man can ever reverse this curse till you kneel to beg me. I am so fed up with all the things you have done to me. God will punish you Juliana Ntiamoah”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)