“Sex For Jobs Doesn’t Only Happen In The Movie Industry Alone, It Happens Everywhere” – Actor Prince David Osei

Famous Ghanaian actor and model Prince David Osei seems not happy about the fact that people think sex for roles or jobs only happens largely in the movie industry. He said though he doesn’t endorse and engage in such acts, sex for roles happens everywhere including the church and the banks.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom+ 101.9 FM in Accra, he said some women do it to guys as well and again most ladies give themselves to some directors for roles.

“When it comes to this particular issue, in as much as I don’t support it and don’t do that, I also feel that it`s a way of life for everyone. Even right here in your studios I am sure there is a lady here looking for a job that a man here wants to sleep with. It happens in all endeavors. It is not just in the movie industry. It happens in the banks, people go for jobs and their bosses sleep with them. Secretaries, HRs, it`s a human thing so it`s everywhere. It is not just in the movie sector. People want to do business, what do you want to give me. You’ve got the talent, I’ve got the links so what’s up? Such transactions go on everywhere. There are even guys that women do same thing to. You know, you go to an establishment, you are a nice guy and wants to do business, if the boss is a lady and feels you, she can invite you out for dinner. When you turn her invite down, you don’t get the contract signed. So it is not just in the movie industry. It is all over the place” he stated.

He further explained that: “Sometimes some of the directors give them the opportunity hoping that they will come back to say thank you. But some of them show these appreciations through gifts, phones shirts etc for the director which is normal. But if it gets to the point where someone has to sleep with you to get a role, come on? It is all about the individual. Where is your pride? Is that what you want to do? How many people can you sleep with? And some of them they bring themselves. Some of them feel like everybody is like that so that’s where they start it. They start enticing you like can I come to your hotel room? I want you to audition me. Trust me the directors go through a lot. So it is not just the directors who call for such things. Some of them take it to the directors. They know they are beautiful and the director might not be able to resist her. So the director might do it or the producer but in the end cannot give you the role you asking in return because you know you are not good. Everybody knows you not good. It is a production. It not just an individual. So when they are refused the roles, then they start ranting. It is not a matter of sleeping with people. Pray for the opportunity. Work on your craft, get the opportunity and shine. There are talents that are good that you can’t sideline them. It is only attitude that denies them roles. The crew plays about 70% role in casting. The producers and directors engage them. So if you don’t treat these guys right, it goes against you”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)