Funny Face Warns Guys To Stay Away From His Baby Mama: Showers Praises On Her

Ghanaian comedian and actor Nana Yaw Benson with the Showbiz name Funny Face has cautioned Ghanaian guys to stay away from his baby mama (Vanessa).

On his Instagram page, he posted a video of Brother Sammy proposing to his baby mama and to him Brother Sammy should stay away from his Vanessa if not, he will slap him. He said that in a comic way though but it also tells he still loves her baby mama.

He further praised Vanessa and promised to bring her and the kids close to him again and ever ready to take the slaps as always.

Read the post below :

“ GYE NYAME “ 🔥✊ Heeeerrrrrh brother SAMMY 🤣🙌🇬🇭 ur last warning … if u know da slaps I have taken before making her my queen 👸 .. which almost collapsed.. but guess what .. dis beautiful woman ryt here deserves da world .. 🔥🥰 BABY am truly sorry .. will come to Kumasi soon and give u .. ur favorite 😍 ❤️😍🥰💕 is JAH WISDOM der ? Tell him how we love each other and broken heart sent me to depression .. which nearly made me threw my life into da thrash can .. 🔥❤️ Depression is real people .. seek for medical help when u see da signs 🔥❤️🙏 now brother Sammy If u don’t move away from where u are standing and I catch you .. you go feel da blows for ur face .. AMA ANOKYEWAAA PAPA BI .. Ama Kafra .. na wo hu do .. booorrrr me damm “ 🔥🥰❤️ I LOVE YOU .. pls let’s raise dis kids together pls 🔥😍🙏❤️✊ .. Broken home destroys and affects children soo much .. pls 🔥✊🙏 I promise to take da slaps like dat 🤣😛🥰🔥😍 stillllllllllllllll “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori