NPP Government Deserves Four More Years: “For Once, NDC Supporters Should Vote For NPP” – Socrate Safo

Ghanaian director/filmmaker and Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture, Socrate Safo has urged Ghanaians to vote massively for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP on Monday December 7th to continue the good work for every sector of the economy especially the creative arts industry.

Speaking on The Platform on Peace FM, he said government’s achievement in the last four years is very remarkable and must be given another term to finish the good things they have started in every sector.

“What the government has been able to achieve so far is remarkable. Today you don’t have people calling you to make demands for school fees anymore because of Free SHS. I am talking in general and not the arts only. We have one district one factory. Our energy is stable. You can go on set and shoot without carrying a generator. We are seeing improvement. The more people have money, the more they patronize our works. I am not talking about the arts but if I should touch on arts, government is giving us Free SHS for the arts where we will teach every aspect of the arts. We are building film village too and government has acquired a land for it” he said.

He further stated: “I can talk of film authority, the classification committee has also started work. We has touched almost every aspect of the arts industry. As we speak now, we are left with one more hearing then the creative arts bill will be passed which will give birth to the creative arts fund. What else can I say? So many improvements. Government through NBSSI has allocated Ghc50million for those in the arts to support our business in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and a lot of players have received these monies. Others too are processing for it. This government is working to build an industry and not about putting up structures”.

According to Socrates, NDC in their eight years of governance never discussed the development of the arts. We were also discussing women who go nude and relationship breaks in the industry. But today, at least we can discuss the building of theatres for us to have a conversation. I will urge my brothers in the industry to vote massively for the NPP government because I have seen developments going on. Another thing I am so impressed about is the government sector cleaning. If this government left things like the way NDC government left things, Ghanaians would have lost all their investments some time to come. So based on this, I urge Ghanaians to vote for the NPP government” he added.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)