Industry Scheme Is To Kill The Best So They Can Manipulate The Artistes They Can Control – Quata Budukusu

One of Ghana’s best rappers Jacob Etroo with the stage name Quata Budukusu has thrown punches to the Ghanaian entertainment industry schemes for killing the best artistes so they can manipulate the artistes they can control.

It is believed the Ghanaian industry hate people who speak their mind and are brave to speak against negative issues in the Industry.

On Quata’s Facebook page, he stated that the Industry scheme is always trying to kill the best artistes instead of pushing them to the top but rather they pull you down so they can control weak ones.

I always embrace defeat, cause i excell best under pressure. I made failure my motivator. Industry Scheme is to kill the best . So they can manipulate the artiste they can control. If u stand for the truth you are branded arrogant.
So now every artiste is a puppet of the system. Cause that freedom of creativity and speaking what`s on ya mind has been taken away from you. cause you’re afraid u might offend a gate keeper.. Hey if the system dont work for you create a new path. Bakus entertainment did it you can do it too. Be a global artiste not a local artiste. From zero airplays to 4 years Grammy constant considerations. They ask how we did it. We just made a move, believe in yourself you can do it too.
Bakus Entertainment till i die
Do your Best and leave jah to do the Rest.

Budukusumusic prepared for 2021 2 years ago


Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori