Photos: Angel Maxine Appreciates God For A Successful Transformation Into A Beautiful Woman

First Ghanaian transgender Afrobeat musician Maxwell Okyere Opoku, now a 35-year-old transformed woman has shared details of her story appreciating God for a successful transformation into a beautiful woman.

Maxwell who is now known as Angel Maxine on December 31 wrote a post revealing who he was previously and what he has become now.

The “D3d33d3” singer wrote:

“I just want to thank God for how far he’s brought me.
These pictures are my before and after Transition
Nothing is impossible when you set your mind on to do. I remember those days when I was a boy, I was humiliated, called all sought of names, discriminated against and bullied. I couldn’t associate myself with people because of very low self-esteem. I had to build a defense wall because I was vulnerable.

I always knew I was born different but I didn’t get the help and coach to be myself. Sometimes I cried all night because, so many people took advantage of me, especially Men, because I just wanted to be loved. I wanted to experience the meaning of love ,but they all came to use and damp me. I’ve had So many bitter experiences and I will never give anyone that chance to take advantage of me anymore.. I say this with deep pain in my heart..

I decided to embark on the journey to transition after I’ve had enough education about transitioning and prepared myself psychologically, emotionally and mentally… I was tired of living my life to please society, family, friends and the world .. I realized nobody cared so I had to care for myself, show myself love and in my own little way give myself the best of life I can..

I’ve never regretted changing from male to female because that was my real identity..

As I enter this new year, I pray that God will move me to greater heights and help me accomplish my mission on earth.. and I pray he brings the right people my way to help me achieve my dreams..

If I die today, my soul will be Happy and fulfilled because I died with my true identity..

I write this with tears in my eyes. Make the best out of the experiences you’ve gone through in life and build yourself to become whom you want to be…The journey has just begun for me and I know my hard work will surely pay off someday.

I am Angel Maxine and I am Ghana’s first Transgender Musician.. I was born to be the first in everything I do ,I am the first born of my parents ,and I will be the first to change the narrative of being a Transgender in Ghana, and through me Ghana will become a safe Haven for all people Born Different..

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been with me through it all.. my family, friends and all other important people in my life
God bless us all
Happy new year in advance”.

Story by: Nana Reagan