“The Love That I Show Sarkodie, He Doesn’t Show That Love Back” – Kwaw Kese Finally Opens Up On Sarkodie

Mad Time rapper Kwaw Kese has finally responded to public perception and claims that he has some cold war with Sarkcess Music boss, rapper Sarkodie. The “Dondo” hit maker refuted these claims but lamented that Sarkodie has refused to show him same love he showed him.

Speaking on Ekwanso Dwoodwoo with Abeiku Santana on Okay 101.7 FM, the rapper said he is one of the biggest fans of Sarkodie but he feels he is not being treated right by the rapper especially when he has to go through people to get to him and also ignore his messages sometimes.

“It is not true I don’t want to hear Sarkodie’s name. I am one of the biggest fans of Sark. The thing is, the love that I have showed Sark, he doesn’t show me same love back. And we are not kids. I feel there are some people you don’t have to go through anyone to get to them. And I don’t think I should go through somebody to get to Sarkodie. Sometimes I have to go through Angel Town to get to Sarkodie. Sometimes I send him messages and I don’t get any response. Sometimes it will take a long time before he responds to it. But at least if you busy, you reply and let me know or get back to me when you less busy. Abeiku, if Konkonsa sends you message and you busy, you let him know you busy and that you will get back to him. Even if you can’t do that, get back to him at a later time when you less busy” he said.

When asked how long it took for Sarkodie to respond to his message, he replied: “You know I don’t think we should go on with this Sarkodie thing. Personally I love Sark. You know I love whatever he does but I feel like he doesn’t show the same love back. That is my pain. I have nothing against him. Sarkodie and I go a long way. When nobody will take Sark to studio, I will take Sark to studio. I knew him before he became Sarkodie. So the love I have shown him, I deserve the same love back. And anybody in the industry knows, I have put people on” he revealed.

He further added explaining why he is so cool with Shatta Wale now: “Listen, the noise about Shatta Wale and I is just on social media and it remains there. All the hullabaloo about us is on social media. Where ever Shatta sees me the love he shows me is massive. So I feel if he shows me this love, then I need to return same love. Of course, I can say Shatta shows me much love than Sarkodie. For now. See, there is no love in this industry. Let me tell you, the only person that shows love is Stonebwoy. Apart from Stonebwoy, most of these guys they just laugh with you but behind their smile is hate. So personally I relate to Stonebwoy more than anybody in this industry”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)