Video + “Don’t Ever Sit In Your Car And Send Someone To Come For My Number” – Actress Lydia Forson To Men

Ghanaian actress, writer and activist, Lydia Forson has sent a strong message to Ghanaian men regarding how they approach her for her number or for a conversation. The film producer warned men never to sit in their cars to send people to come for her contact number again.

According to her in a video posted on her IG page, she really loves meeting people but it is important to engage people respectfully. “See, you people you keep picking the wrong girl. I am not that type. Even when I was in JHS when a guy calls me, I will still not go to him. Because if you want to talk to someone you walk to the person. That is what respectful people do. That is what decent people do. That is what people with courtesy do. Don’t ever sit in your car and send someone to come for my number and you think I will give it to you? Because who are you? If you’re somebody, I am also somebody” she said in the video.

She further added this caption to her video: “I’m somebody oooo yoooo but honestly it’s not nice to just send someone for a lady/gentleman’s number. We should all know that with the world today we can’t just trust a stranger like that. I love meeting people but let’s all be respectful about it.. 💋

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)