Sex Is Not For Fun, Stay Away From It If You Are Not Ready To Make Babies” – Ex Doe

Hiplife musician Ex Doe has warned the youth of today to stay away from sex if they are not ready to make babies. He said sex is purposely for reproduction and never for fun as many perceive it to be.

According to the musician in an interview on Best Entertainment on Okay FM with Halifax Ansah Addo, he said knowing very well you will abort pregnancy after having sex is the greatest sin and people must not engage in the act when they are not ready to reproduce.

“If you are going to have sex and you know you will abort the baby when the woman gets pregnant, then don’t go have sex. Stay away from sex until you are ready to take care of the baby. Other than that boss, you will have sex and think you are having fun but sex is not meant for fun. It is meant for reproduction, making babies. So we will see the glory of God. So if I am going in to have sex and I know I will abort the baby when there is pregnancy, then I have committed the greatest sin on earth. If you have sex and you pull out during orgasm, you have committed the greatest sin” he said.

He further explained: “Because you have wasted the time of angels who will help for creation to happen. When I say angels, we should remember that anything that goes on in our lives angels are involved. If God created the world with angels then you should know that when you are having sex, there are angels involved in the creation. When a woman is fertile and you have sex with her and she gets pregnant, will she give birth to an animal? Is it not a human being? How did God create human beings? Is it not through sex? Do you know how many human beings are in your sperms? Making babies is one of God’s priorities and he does not joke with it. When you have that baby, do you know what he is going to become in the future? He can be the president and you going to abort it. Are you trying to tell me you doing the right thing?”

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)