“I’m Not Against Fraud Money – Opanka

Financial scams are on a rise and countries are battling to have low risk of fraud reported cases. Many people have spoken against this act but few other young youths have also found some ways to argue why they think it is good.

In an interview on Best Entertainment show on Okay FM with Halifax Ansah Addo, Ghanaian rapper Dadie Opanka has surprisingly defended this financial scam claiming he has nothing against fraudsters or fraud money and that if he knows how to do it, he will engage in the business full time.

“I know someone that is not a musician that is into fraud and so far as I know someone that is not a musician who does fraud, then definitively there is a musician who does same. And we don’t talk about things that don’t exit. So people talk about it and before people will talk about it, then they have experienced it. But don’t get me wrong, I am not against that fraud money. If I know how to fraud, I will do same” he said on the show.

He further explained: “My understanding of sakawa is when you shop online but people are relating it to carrying coffin, blood money and all that. I see it as pay back time. During slavery, these europeans stole a lot from our fore fathers and we are just taking back what they stole from us”.

Opanka is currently promoting his Elevation EP.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)