Brother Sammy Reacts To Cecilia Marfo And Joyce Blessing`s Incident At Unity Annual Thanksgiving: “Cecilia Marfo Worships Marine Spirits And Not The Holy Spirit”

Brother Sammy has disclosed that Cecilia Marfo, renowned gospel musician, prophetess and evangelist worships the devil and only disgraces gospel musicians under the guise of the Holy Spirit.

According to him in a live video on Facebook, he said the leader of Osorefie Prayer Centre is a demon who worships the devil through marine spirits.

“Today I am doing this video because of yesterday’s Unity Annual Thanksgiving concert 2021 where Cecilia Marfo snatched micrphone from Joyce Blessing during her performance and used her marine spirits, yes she act like it is the Holy Spirit but it is not. Cecilia Marfo worships the devil. She is evil, let me be frank. She is working to collapse the gospel industry. I have observed that she wants to tarnish the image of many ministers” he said.

He further explained: “Joyce was performing, it wasn’t her turn to perform but she snatched the microphone from her and under the guise of spiritual direction told her to go back and marry her ex husband. Disgraced Joyce in public to the extent that Joyce couldn’t hold back her tears. Joyce cried. I can tell you for a fact that Cecilia Marfo came because of me. She thought I will attend the program”.

He added disclosing that: “Cecilia Marfo has failed, her music ministry is dead. Her marine spirits have failed her and that is why she opened that prayer ministry and that has failed as well. So she is trying to get back into ministry. That woman is evil. You Cecilia Marfo you sleep with your drivers and pastors and engage in unnecessary litigation with yours neighbors. You pretend to be praying for men but ride the big dicks in your church. She is a demon, a devil”.

Brother Sammy concluded: “She is on a mission to collapse the gospel industry. Her prayer camp has collapsed because she spit saliva into the mouths of her church members. She lashes people with cain in the church, have sex with her pastors. She uses marine spirit and not the Holy Spirit. She is on a mission to destroy the gospel musicians but let me tell you something, if your mental illness was not properly treated,then your mission will fail. I know the gospel musicians will not say this because most of them are hypocrites. I am the only one that can speak this truth.
Your husband beat you after you did abortion. The doctor that did it for you is my friend. We didn’t want to talk about this but if this is what you will be doing, then we will also tell your story. Joyce Blessing don’t lose focus and don’t cease praying. Cecilia has been sent by her marine spirits to bring you down but keep praying”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)