The Ghanaian Movie Industry Has Been An Individual Affair – Koo Fori

One of the best Ghana’s comic actors Samuel Seth Kwabena Karikari popularly known as Koo Fori has said that that Ghanaian movie industry has been an individual affair and that has been it`s problem.

In an exclusive interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM’s Afro Joint, he stated that when it comes to the Ghanaian industry it’s an individual affair. One has to fight and struggle on his/her own to come out if not he/she will be down there forever.

Koo Fori of “Efiewuara” fame revealed that in Nigeria one person can decide to spend on an actress/actor just to lift the career and make him/her a star due to that they have a lot of new faces on their screens.

“The Ghanaian industry is an individual affair thing. You have to work your way out to the top and that’s why we don’t have new faces on our screens. It is still the old folks which is not helping the industry” he disclosed.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori