Tweeps Lash Kuami Eugene On Twitter For Calling One “Odwan”

Kuami Eugene after getting a lot of backlash from Ghanaians for making a lose statement against Guru, has also had another one from tweeps on Twitter yesterday for calling one of them “Odwan” meaning a “sheep”.

Medikal on Twitter mentioned Five rules people should follow to make it in life and on the number 2 spot, he posted “Never bite the hand that feeds you, gratitude is a must”.

Kuami Eugene then tweeted with a comment “Gratitude is Key”. A guy with the Twitter name @Abrantielove asked Kuami what he is doing under Medikals post “Na hu call you for here” meaning “Who has invited him here?”.

Kuami Eugene savagely replied “Your Land Lord. Odwan, you buy phone give me? I’m just asking oo”.

His reply made the tweeps angry and they lashed him back and forth:

Alhaji Banda
Money bag
Replying to
anor know say u fool like dat.. jon boi.. this to dem dey reply this way.. kurasisem sei aa na wato nsuom

Sixteen Years
Flag of Ghana
Flag of Nigeria
Replying to
We all take this play buh Kwame Rasta de3 will insult for here
Unamused face Jon boy

Cuz this guy was once a Gospel artist oooo chale #EugeneMarfoMinistries then times a know am oo tiee ein Gospel track some ooo buh now dierr ebi like peer pressure Bab am

You kraa komot for der. You come get fame small you dey talk byheart sia your fans made u who u are today. Jon

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori