Funny Face Should Come And Marry Me If He Wants Me Back – Funny Face’s Baby Mama

Funny Face’s baby mama has said that, the children’s president Nana Yaw Benson should come and seek her hand in marriage if he still wants her back.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu on his Aggressive show she stated that, she still loves Funny Face the way she loves her children so she would like to be with him no matter what.

According to her, she can’t get married to any man and wouldn’t want to be with any man apart from Funny Face because they have four kids together and she really cares much about the kids so she wouldn’t want any man to come and maltreat her kids.

“Funny Face will be the best person to take good care of his kids because they are his blood. I love him still and I want to be with him but he should come and seek my hand in marriage first” she shared.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori