Producers Should Stop Complaining & Do The Right Thing – Kelvyn Boy

Ghanaian Afrobeat singer Kelvyn Boy has said that Ghana music producers should understand the Performing Right Society (PRS) era, get things done right and stop the unnecessary complaints.

During an interview with Doreen Avio, the singer said Ghanaian producers should learn how to subscribe to deals that would secure them money instead of complaining that musicians do not pay for their efforts.

“Okay first of all, you know this music thing is big. And now the business aspect of it, is like getting noticed by us, by Ghanaians. See, years back it wasn’t like that, now there is Performing Right Society (PRS) that you have to register and then you the producer after producing an artiste song, you sign a split sheet so you get royalties from his streams as the producer” he explained.

He further noted that: “The world is evolving so if you are a producer and you’re growing, then grow in that sense very well, than to be complaining that this artiste gave me money and that didn’t give me money because people have relationship and it is not about money. And every artiste had nothing before becoming big. Me and Samsney had that relationship coming up. He recorded Mea and at that time we both had nothing”.

He concluded that: “So it wasn’t much about money but when the song became big, people got to know about Samsney and then he takes money from other people too. When he mixes my songs I pay him. So it was the relationship thing. Now there is PRS era, streaming era so we just have to sit down and do things right. It is not about Sarkodie gave me MoMo so Kweku Flick should give me MoMo. We should see the difference and do things right”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)