“Next Time A Presenter Asks Me About Fraud Money, I Will Walk Out Of The Studio” – Rapper Medikal

AMG rapper Medikal has cautioned the Ghanaian media on the kind of questions they ask him during interviews and threatened to walk out of any interview in the future if the hosts ask him questions on his source of income.

Speaking to Nana Romeo Welewele on Accra FM, he said that he does not understand why people assume the only way he makes money is through fraud.

“Honestly my whole life I don’t remember the last time I touched any money that is fraud money. Every money I spend, the flashy life styles is all from my music. Recently, I went to America and I posted from my Tunecore. I made over $40,000 from my tunecore” he revealed.

He added: “I just want the youth to understand that you can do music and get money genieuly. From shows and is not just from shows, from brand endorsement and stuff. The next time I will go to any radio show, anybody that ask me about fraud, I will walk out of the studio. We should not do that because it gives the youth wrong impression about music and that’s not the way to go”.

Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)