BullDog Gives Reasons Why Nigerians Get Recognition Over Ghana On The International Platforms

One of the most respected artistes managers Nana Asiamah Hanson aka BullDog has given some reasons why our Nigerian counterparts are being mentioned more on the International market than Ghana.

Below is what he posted on his Facebook page:

In Nigeria they rally round the flag — in Ghana we wipe the floor with it.

In Nigeria they open doors — in Ghana we shut them.

Government won’t make a deliberate attempt to fund the arts — when private companies do — government will frustrate and shut them down eventually.

In Nigeria, they make billionaires on purpose — in Ghana, our leaders will purposely unmake millionaires over trivialities such as punani.

Until we make a systemic attempt — our mentions on the international front remains sporadic.

Going global is a national conversation — let’s rise above the individual discussions.

GH abounds with talents — funding is the PLUG-🔌

InHisPresence #sikanhyiraadomaseda

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori