“Sarkodie Will Definitely Win A Grammy Award One Day” – Sherifa Gunu

Ghanaian soul musician Sherifa Gunu has predicted rapper Sarkodie will definitely win a Grammy Award no matter what happens.

Speaking on United Showbiz on UTV, the singer said the rapper is doing marvelously well but hopes he plays some local instruments in his hip pop beats and that will do the magic for him.

“Look, Sarkodie will definitely win a Grammy award very soon, it could be the next. Because recently I have watched his recent videos and his performance is not a small thing. But believe me, if somebody plays kora, acoustic guitar, some rhythms and he uses it inside his hip pop beats, I swear Sark will conquer. What we need is the instruments” she stated.

Sherifa added: “We are leaving it out of system. I have spent four months in Nigeria and you will see men riding bicycle enjoying highlife music which is from Ghana. When they pick highlife, they make justice to it. Here, we should make sure we do justice to our beats. We have lots of instruments here to play. Let some guitarist play in them. Let’s do something about it”.

Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)