Chris Vincent Questions Achimota School Authorities Over The Denial To Admit A Dreadlocked Student

Lawyer and Journalist Chris-Vincent Agyapong has questioned the authorities of Achimota Senior High School for failing to admit a dreadlocked fresh student.

According to him, he’s seen a couple of long hair wearing students of foreigners in the same school, so why deny a citizen for wearing locks (Rasta).

Below is his post on Facebook:

When some of us say our problems are unique, caused by our own people and our progress is shelved by our own absurdity, others think we are being too harsh.

Why should there be one rule for foreigners and another for Ghanaians in Achimota school in Ghana? If long hair is not allowed which is even unjustifiable, it should be the case for every student—either white or black.

Can someone explain to me what is happening here?

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori