Video + Bloggers & Entertainment Journalists Jump To Sarkodie’s Defense: “Sarkodie Is Not Chisel”

Popular YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon has kept rapper Sarkodie’s name in the trends in the last few days trying to confirm how chisel the rapper is with money in a viral video that has the rapper taking out cedi notes from his wallet to be given out to some traditional dancers.

This video has sparked lots of conversations especially on social media with some people concluding that the rapper is stingy.

But on Showbiz Daily on Sammy Flex TV, arts and entertainment journalist Nana Reagan together with blogger Roland Amartey and producer Emmanuel Yaw Ofori popular known as Lapigee have all condemned Kwadwo Sheldon’s action on social media explaining why one cannot use content of the video as a basis to conclude that the rapper is stingy.

“Honestly I just realized Sark kept one of the notes in his pocket but this isn’t any big deal. And I am confused why one would want to say he is chisel because of this” Lapigee said.

Roland also added: “This for me isn’t necessary and I agree with Kweku Smoke. There are more important issues to throw light on than this. In any case, has he Kwadwo Sheldon ever given out money in public like that before? He has not. I am sure that even if his Ghc1 falls, he will pick it up”.

Arts and entertainment journalist Nana Reagan in his submission also said the rapper can’t be chisel as people are accusing him because there are instances where Sark has given out huge sums of money to people.

“Someone that is stingy can’t give out money to someone that shaved his hair for him. Sometimes there are a lot of pressure on these public persons and we must feel for them sometimes” he said.

Watch video below for full details:

Story: Reagan O. O. Osarfo (Nana Reagan)