Video: Musician Papa Gyete Justifies Cheating On His Wife: “I’m A Philanthropist When It Comes To Women”

Many men are scared to openly talk about their flirting or cheating lives outside marriage but Papa Gyete, a Ghanaian musician has a different interpretation and sees no big deal with that.

The singer who openly confessed bonking many girls boldly told Sammy Flex in an interview that he sees no big deal with cheating and that he is a philanthropist when it comes to that.

“I’ve never played with females and their spider senses but I believe in the old testament. I am an old testament guy. Though I am a married man, I treat women very special. You have to do what makes sense and what makes sense is you know…everybody knows the ratio now? More women than men. But come on, we can`t allow women face scarcity. The economy is tough lately. The loving has to be more and free in abundance. I am a philanthropist when it comes to that”

watch full video below:

Story by: Reagan Odei ofosu Osarfo (Nana Reagan)
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