Must Read! Family Interference Preventing The Growth of Child Stars In Ghana- Kojo Kinn

Ghanaian entertainment journalist and musician Kojo Kinn has shared his opinion on why many child stars are unable to grow after their discovery on various talent hunt shows.

Speaking after a conversation with Rap Krachie of TV3 talented kids fame on CTV’s Class Showbiz hosted by Sammy Flex, the “Be Kind” crooner stated,

“Families of these child stars are one major hindrance to their growth, some of the parents do not give professionals the space to harness these talents with the fear of leading their wards into certain immoral acts perceived to be part of Showbizness” he added.

He added many of these parents feed into the notion that handlers mostly use their wards for their selfish economic benefits without considering the time and resource investments provided by these handlers in honing these talents.

Kojo Kinn cited Tutulapaato and others as case study where parents were caught in loggerheads with handlers of these talents.

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