Controversies and Technical Glitches Mar the 24th Edition of VGMA

The 24th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) was held over the weekend, with many celebrities dressed to the nines. However, the event was marred by various controversies, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of many music fans. The event, which is meant to promote Ghanaian music and its stakeholders, became a source of contention between gospel music fans and hip-hop/hiplife fans. One major controversy was the alleged rigging of the awards for undeserving artists. Many fans accused some artists and their managers of manipulating the scheme to win awards.

Another issue that caused controversy was the exclusion of some deserving artists from nominations. While some fans were disappointed that some popular acts were not recognized for their contributions to Ghanaian music, others were pleased with the results.

Furthermore, technical glitches plagued the event, especially during Lasmid’s performance. Despite his shabby execution of the stagecraft, the sound and light effects were detrimental to the live performances, which pervaded the entire event setup.

Bad stage lighting was a significant issue at the 24th VGMA. The lights were too bright or focused in the wrong places, causing glare and shadows that made it impossible for performers to see their cues or perform safely. This can result in blunders, missed signals, and even on-stage catastrophes. Another concern with the VGMA’s poor stage lighting was its effect on mood and ambiance. If the lighting is overly bright or inconsistent, it can detract from the overall tone of the performance and make it difficult for performers to convey emotion through their music or acting.

Poor stage sound was another source of criticism throughout the event. Most artists’ confidence was undermined as a result of this. They couldn’t hear themselves or their bandmates correctly, which made them uneasy and insecure about how well they connected with their audience. This caused timing and pitch errors, which ruined several performances.

Some artists’ performances suffered due to poor stagecraft, which can be attributed to a lack of preparation. A performer may struggle to present a polished and entertaining show if they have not rehearsed enough or do not know how to handle their equipment correctly. This lack of preparation can also lead to errors that reduce the overall quality of the performance.

In general, the VGMA was a fantastic night for everyone who received an award, especially for Black Sheriff, who won the Artist of the Year award. His ability to create works that strike a profound emotional chord with people elicited intense emotions in his audiences through music, demonstrating that he has mastered his craft.

The 24th edition of VGMA highlighted some deep-seated issues within Ghana’s music industry. It is crucial for the organizers to make an effort to address these concerns to ensure future editions are fairer and more inclusive.

Story by: Alicia Salifu