Actress Mercy Johnson Okojie, A Proud “Baby Making Machine”

I don’t see why any woman should be offended if she’s referred to as a “baby making machine”. Instead, you should be proud and must be pampered for it`s an honour and a blessing.

Children are said to be gifts from God and everyone, most especially married women, get very excited anytime they receive these gifts from God. In our part of the world, it is one of the standards to tell who a successful woman is because making babies is really a big deal here.

Have you seen Mercy Johnson Okojie’s recent family photo she shared on her facebook page? OMG! Just imagine if the multiple award winning actress after nine (9) years or so of marriage to Prince Odianosen Okojie hasn’t been able to make babies? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. But hey, the actress has proven to be a perfect “baby making machine” and deserves all the pampering and praises.

She has successfully blessed the life of the prince by producing four (4) beautiful kids with him. She’s such a perfect machine and her fans are loving her for it. Of course when the “machine” is good, it produces good too hehehe. Mercy has done that and describing her as a perfect “baby making machine” won’t be bad.

Sincerely speaking, this article is to celebrate the actress for a very good job done. I just hope Mercy will not find my “baby making machine” adjective offensive just as an actress did when a certain blogger described her as a “baby making machine”.

Yeah, even though I expected her to be proud of it, she wasn’t too cool. I personally feel that every woman that is able to produce a baby deserves such praises.

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Story by: Reagan Odei Ofosu (Nana Reagan)