Video! UK lady Invokes Curses On Keche For Leaking Her “Raw” Photos

Some relationships end with smiles, suits and wedding gowns. Others end up in tears with some partners suffering vengeance. This looks like the story of a popular Ghanaian hip-life musician Keche Andrew of Keche fame, as a UK based lady has called on names of some river deities to deal with him.

The details of the viral video of the lady circulating on social media do not look good for the artiste. In the said video, the Ghanaian UK based lady who gave her name as Spendilove Bernice Akesse and claims to be Keche Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, invoked curses with eggs and names of deities in her father’s village. She claims the artiste has leaked her nude photos on social media after breaking her heart to marry another woman.

According to her, she never wished bad for the artiste even though she was hurt when Andrew dumped her for another woman. But for him to bring shame on her by leaking her nude photos she shared in private with him, she invoked curses on the artiste and whoever posted the photo on social media.

These were the words of the lady in the video:

“The sacrifices I made for you. Because of you I did something I still regret it. Someone shared this nude photo of me on Instagram. How did the person got this picture? This particular picture, I personally shared it with you. So if you have married another woman and we are no more dating, if you have broken my heart and I didn’t demand anything from you. I didn’t do anything against you but if someone has gotten this picture and shared it on Instagram then Andrews this egg is for you. This egg is for you, this other egg is for that person that you shared the photo with to leak it. Whether you leaked it or someone leaked it to bring shame to me, these eggs are for you and that person. After all that I did for you Andrew Kofi Cudjoe. You see I text and call you but you ignored me? My heart is broken. This is how you want to pay me back? After spending my money and going to marry another woman? I did not come out to talk or do any video because I didn’t want people to think I’m coming out with such damaging revelations because you’re a celebrity or because you getting married to another woman. I kept my cool because Ghanaians didn’t know about our relationship. The only people that knew about us are your kids, AJ, George Britton, Keche Joshua, your mom, step brother and baby mama. They’re the only people that know that I Spendilove Bernice Akesse I have dated you. I call on the deity of the rivers in my father’s village to curse you and your friend for making other men see my nakedness on social media” She said in the video.

Watch full video here:

Story by: Reagan O.O. OSarfo (Nana Reagan)