Entertainment Pundits Share Their Thoughts on Stonebwoy’s Website Announcement Tweet

Entertainment Pundits have shared their thoughts on Stonebwoy’s website tweet that sparked up controversies among some bloggers.

It gets interesting and very educative everyday when radio pundits share diverse opinions over industry issues. Bloggers, Animators, Sound engineers, and journalists had this to share on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM with Sammy Flex. The website is operating via www.stonebwoyb.net.

Please take a read of what they had to say:

Jibriel Jnrdegree Jagbesie (Blogger Ghkasa) – My problem with the tweet is the fact that Stonebwoy said “don’t read or be told otherwise”. If you are someone that contributes to the artiste’s brand or promotions and you wake up to read this from him to his fans, then you will understand it better. I am disappointed that he and his team did not get a .com but rather got a .net. I am disappointed that he is focusing on a news website rather than getting a site to promote his music like M.anifest does. My problem is that Stonebwoy is taking the work from me as a blogger, but I’m not too bothered though.

Michael Narh (Animator/Sound engineer) – Blogger Jibriel of Ghkasa should rather focus on dropping good stories instead of being pissed about Stonebwoy’s new website. I think he is really getting it wrong. I don’t see why this should be a problem. It is just like the government of Ghana having a website where journalists or mainstream media goes there to get some information.

Kobby Kyei (Blogger) – Stonebwoy is not telling people to visit only his site, he is only telling them to be careful of fake news. Everywhere in the world it is advised that brands own a personal website. So Stonebwoy owning one shouldn’t be a threat to the blogging business.

Gerrard Israel (Blogger) – Stonebwoy’s tweet about the new website is just like a business organisation trying to set up it’s own website. Little information that cannot be found on other sites would be found on his official website. The site is there for sourcing information regarding
the artiste. It does not mean other bloggers should not write about him. The way Stonebwoy will be called on radio to clarify information regarding him is the same way the website can be visited to confirm information or news regarding him.

Nana Yaw18 (Muse Africa/Journalist) – I am very disappointed in Jibriel about his submissions on the Stonebwoy website. Most of the time, the news that circulate about artistes is fake news with headlines that don’t match the story. The website`s idea is a step in the right direction. He has done nothing wrong by creating a website.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)