“I Am Angry Because I have Lost So Many Gigs Because of Statements Like This”- Wiyaala

The lioness of Africa Noella Wiyaala has explained why she had to roar at some radio/TV pundits over the weekend for saying that she does not count in the music industry in Ghana.

Www.sammyflextv.com monitoring the Afropop singer and song-writer on the AM Show on Joy News on Monday morning July 27, explained that she had to go wild because some of these negative comments from pundits that are shared during discussions have taken food from her table for quiet too long and she feels enough is enough. The singer said some of these industry players have gone ahead to suggest other artistes to some international event promoters for gigs that were supposed to come her way because of these comments.

“I went wild because comments like she doesn’t really count or she and her management have said we are living the industry for you have contributed to me not getting recognition or shows in Ghana. There have been so many occasions where people came in from different countries to look for artistes like myself to grace their occasions or events and whenever they approach industry people to get me booked, people who talk like Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo tell them oh Wiyaala doesn’t do her things in Ghana. I have lost many gigs because of these statements. Oh Wiyaala is doing well but she is not rated in Ghana or she is underrated. Such comments have gone a long way to make people feel like I don’t even care about the industry. So for that matter, when certain shows are being organized, they shouldn’t even count me in because I don’t care” she stated.

Wiyaala further added: “..and I know people who told me this after they have approached me. Fortunately, even when they say that to these people who come in from different countries, they will still insist and go like no just give us her contacts and they will be like ‘yeah we have her contact but we are sure she is not in the country’ because she doesn’t do her things here. She is not involved. I have lost gigs because of these kind of comments. So that is why I’m saying that, if I don’t really count, don’t even sit on TV to discuss me. Because by discussing me, you are driving away potential clients who will probably come to Ghana looking for me to come and perform for them. And because of what they keep saying, I’ve lost out. So many of them told me they had to insist and insist for them to give my contact to them then they will call me themselves. If not, they will be telling them, I won’t be available because I don’t do my things in Ghana. I don’t even live here in Ghana. I live in Ghana. I have built a house in my hometown. This is where I live. I only go out there to perform when I’m invited” she added.

According to her, she is not saying no one should talk or write about her, but everything should be done constructively and professionally so not to make musicians feel like they are fighting or have to fight themselves to get recognized in the industry.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)