“One Thing We Are Very Good At As Ghanaians Is Complaining” – Richie Mensah

CEO of Lynx Entertainment and sound engineer, Richie Mensah has said that Ghanaians like complaining too much and that’s what they are good at including himself.

On his Twitter page, he posted that Ghanaians are always complaining instead of them being appreciative of what they have, they rather complain of what they don’t have.

He further advised Ghanaians to appreciate what they have while they work hard for what they want and stop all the complaints because that won’t solve a problem nor help a situation.

“One thing we are very good at as Ghanaians is complaining. Even see me…I’m complaining about Ghanaians complaining. But on a real…we should appreciate what we have while we work hard for what we want…and stop all the complaining,” he complained and advised Ghanaians as well.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori