Exclusive!!! Blakk Rasta Knows The Political Party Winning Elections 2020

Read what Blakk Rasta saw in the up coming elections in his dream below.

I just got woken up by a dream a little before 3am today. I saw myself in a cave in a very Rocky landscape. I saw Nana Addo and Mahama on a tight rope hinged between two rock about 100 meters apart, very high up(about 500 meters high).

All of a sudden, I saw the 2 corrupt leaders fall from the height unto the rocky, jagged surface. Then I heard a commentator’s voice announce that Nana Addo went straight to join the ancestors but Mahama made it albeit with broken bones. Many laughed as the commentator was hilarious.

I saw the heavy presence of soldiers wielding guns.


I wondered what it meant but I soon realized it was about the elections thus:

  1. Corrupt Mahama shall be victorious in the elections
  2. Corrupt Nana Addo shall lose and NEVER return as PRESIDENT, against the backdrop of all popular assumptions, predictions and Prophecies ( Probably, a punishment for insulting and trying to humiliate and ridicule a great ancestor like Kwame Nkrumah)
  3. This election will be all but orderly (Let’s pray for and, Commit and resolve to have a very ORDERLY election).
  4. What has been hidden from the WISE and the PRUDENT has been revealed to the babes and suckling.


A. Everybody dreams. This is mine( in fact, the 4th time I am having similar dreams)

B. I have never written a lengthy post like this on social media.

C. If you have any insults just because of a dream/revelation, direct it to the Maker of Dreams.

We are only pencils in the hand of Jah. To Jah be the glory!
[8:44 AM, 10/4/2020]

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