About Ama K Abebrese`s Post on Celebrities Ban On Advertisement & Matters Arising

Ghanaian actress, presenter and producer Ama K Abebrese has made a serious post on Facebook about the ban on celebrities which has set social media (Facebook) ablaze with different reactions under her post.

For a while now, some celebrities have been complaining on how government is trying to make them go hungry by banning them from advertising for alcoholic Beverages and Betting Companies.

Wendy Shay posted on Twitter:
“GH Celebs can we put our differences aside and fight the system ??
I guess we don’t know how powerful we are …
Well I’m taking the FDA and Gaming commission to the Human Rights Court
Celebs are also Ghanaians and deserve better !!
Ghana wake Up !!”.

But it’s obvious Ama K Abebrese is also not thinking as Wendy Shay and other celebrities are thinking so she also posted on Facebook:
“Nigerian youths are fighting to #EndSARS #EndSWAT & end #PoliceBrutality for their Human Rights.
In Ghana, some celebrities are fighting to be paid to promote alcohol and sports betting to youths as a ‘Human Rights’ issue.
Everyone has a right to protest what matters to them”.

Interestingly, her post caused some Facebook followers to clash with ideas as some support her post and others too against her. Below are some comments:

“Hmmm shocking how celebrities seek to promote alcoholism that is weakening our youth gradually” Charles Apana sided with Ama.

Kofi Amankwaah:
“Reading the comments under this post has opened up my eyes on how shallow some Ghanaians are…
All Ama K Abebrese
is trying to say is that we all as individuals/ citizens have rights/ voice to speak for or against anything we believe in because the rule of law works and it is up to us start using our voice to speak on what we believe in
So those twisting the post should stop being ignorant and ponder on the post well,” he defended her.

“Pascal Venkumwin Issaka
The most useless post I’ve read from you so far, are the nigerian celebs not brand ambassadors for alcoholic beverages and betting companies? I thought you had some enlightenment and will mind your business but the blood of the typical ghanaian is in you. If you can’t support them, better shut up,” he goes hard on her on Facebook.

Kzai Gèrr on Facebook commented: “Whether ghana celebrities are Ambassadors for alcohol products and sports betting OR NOT, ghanaian youth go booze and stake bet everyday everywhr anywhere “in akrobeto’s voice”. Producers of tramadol and codeine has never signed any celebrity as an ambassador.but gh youth dey fvck up for that side most. Same with lotto, no ambassadors but wanna grandfathers fathers nd uncles dey stake pass! Sister Ama, wonyem aaa ka kyer3 y3n”.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori