Sista Afia Calls Ghanaians Hypocrites As Tweeps Lashed Her For Calling On Nana Addo To Add His Voice To The #EndSars

Ghanaian Songstress Sista Afia has said that Ghanaians are hypocrites for raining insult on her as she called on H.E Nana Addo to add his voice to the end police brutality happening in Nigeria.

On Twitter, Sis Afia posted that Ghanaians were here when Nana Addo organized a funeral for George Floyd the African American who was killed by an American police with tributes and more. She is therefore asking why he cannot do it for our sister country and as an ECOWAS chairman why is he still quite on that? She is asking.

Below is a couple of attacks Tweeps sent to her for asking Nana Addo to speak to the happenings in Nigeria as she warned them to be careful with their words.

“Please read before you talk thrash.. I can make it easy for you,start from paragraph 2 and you’ll know why he’s quiet.. Wo de3 ne dwom,just better your lyrics writing ability and stop saying thrash”.

“Maame bed do u know the discussion being held behind the scenes
If he tweet without doing anything about it
wat will be da sense in it
some of u guys think governance it’s just about holding mic and and be singing trash er jon”.

“You are part of the reasons why government will not take us serious”.

Ghanaians nd hypocrisy. We wer all here whn our prez did a whole funeral for George Floyd, wid tribute & tins. Our sister country
Flag of Nigeria
is bleeding nd Im askin our prez @NAkufoAddo
, who is ECOWAS chairperson 2 step in nd all u cld do is insult me. Make sumbody diss me again #EndSARS” tweeted at Nana Addo as she caution tweeps to choose their word well.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori