Yvonne Nelson & Efia Odo Call On Nana Addo To Add His Voice To The #EndSars Campaign

Ghanaian actresses Yvonne Nelson aka Yaa Asantewaa and Efia Odo have angrily addressed the silence of Ghana’s president H.E Nana Addo at the #EndSars campaign as they call on him to add his voice.

For the past weeks, Nigerians have been going through hell and it’s been all bloody as they’ve been brutalized by their own security personnel’s. It all started as the citizens begun to protest against police harassment #EndSars .

A lot of celebrities have added their voice, both foreign and local celebrities but it’s still not ending. And again some stars like Yvonne Nelson, Efia Odo and Ghanaians are surprised at Nana Addo adding his voice to the #EndSars and the police brutality happening in Nigeria as a president and the chairman of Ecowas.

What hurts them most is he was quick to add his voice to the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and the destruction that happened in France ( Parisian Cathedral, Notre Dame) and wishing Donald Trump and Wife a speedy recovery as they were tested Covid-19 positive. So why not do same for a neighboring country like Nigeria.

See tweets below:

“Our president must show leadership on this matter else he becomes complicit in the senseless killing of innocent and defenseless protesters @NAkufoAddo,”Yvonne Nelson calls on H.E Nana Addo.

Efia Odo also tweeted at Nana Addo : “Took him less than 48 hours to show his concern, but days has gone by and not a word of empathy towards the atrocities happening in Nigeria. As if African lives aren’t black lives that also matter. Hopefully he will speak sooner than later”.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori