Nana Aba Anamoah, Sandra Ankobia Jump To The Defense Of President Nana Addo Against Attacks By Some Nigerians

After mounting pressure on Ghana’s president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to speak on happenings in Nigeria, Ghanaian broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah and legal practitioner Sandra Ankobia seem to have some more job to do on Twitter.

The president’s comment on EndSARS yesterday triggered a mixed reaction among Nigerians. Some commended the president for his kind words and finding it necessary to address them as ECOWAS chair even as Nigeria’s president Buhari has remained silent for some days. Others also resulted in attacking the president and that has led the two Ghanaian media personalities to jump in defense of their president.

Right after Nana Addo’s EndSARS tweet, a Twitter user attacked the Ghanaian President saying that “You and @MBuhari are both mad”. This tweet received lots of replies from some Ghaanians including Nana Aba and Sandra Ankobia.

The broadcaster in reply wrote ” if Nana Addo were your president trust me, you’d hit the streets to protest with police protection. Our army (superior in class and sense) will not open fire on you, you’ll call him names but still get free electricity and water. Now tell us, who’s mad? ” with Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah adding that ” it is his fadda who is mad! Mtcheew”.

See some of their reactions below.
Sandra Ankobiah: Our president addresses us whenever the need arises. Have you followed how he constantly updated us during the peak of Covid-19, and still is?!

Nana Aba: Our President is not your President’s fadda.
Go to Abuja and get a speech from him…

Sandra Ankobiah: It is his fadda who is mad! Mtcheew
Nana Aba: They’re angry because their president could never. I’d do same if I were in their position. So allow

Nana Aba: He is not your president’s spokesman. Yours and his cohorts have failed you massively. Deal with it.
Ours has shown leadership, concern and class. You can’t buy that with eba. Biko
He never said it was. In fact, it can never be. These developments in your country – the blasé attitude of your leaders, the disrespect for human rights, the wanton abuse of power etc

Not my country!
How can they be of the same feather when one is efficient, seen in public always, stays with and cares for his people Flag of Ghana
Whilst the other…well, you know
The broadcaster replied to almost every attack on the president.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)