“If Your Influence Is Negative As An Artiste, You’re Not A Star” – Lord Kenya

Evangelist Lord Kenya has said that if you are an artiste and your influence is negative then you are not a star.

Speaking on Entertainment Review on Peace 104.3 FM with Ola Michael on Saturday, he explained that the star shines and so anybody that is a star should impact people positively.

According to him, if God gives you talent, you should think about how you use it to influence people. He said if your influence is negative then you are not a star.

“I will not say you should use your God given talent for only gospel songs. You can also be an inspirational person to inspire people. What is important that we need to think about is, how are you ifluencing people? If your influence is negative then you are not a star because the star shines. My past life is an example of a bad influence. I glorify drinking, smoking and certain lifestyles that was negative. Even as a radio presenter, your ethics don’t allow you to say certain things on air. It is because of social media that everything is becoming normal now. All I want to say is, in life you should always be positive so you don’t live to regret it” he explained.

He further explained: “For instance, I pierced my ear sometime back and today it is having a negative impact on me. My little kid asked me about it and I can’t have anything to say to him. Sometimes I wish I never did it. Sometimes we just want to justify some of these things because we feel the whites do it but we forget we have different cultures. Yes, it is the same God but we have different cultures. The lifestyle is a cultural thing. You can’t pierce or dress anyhow and visit the chiefs here. We should know and understand why the whites do things. The blacks in America put on chains just to tell the whites that you enslaved our grandfathers and put them in chains, today I have money and I am wearing gold or silver chains. That is how they lived out there. So if you are here and doing same, tell us why you are doing that”.

Touching on the Kumerica trend, he said he is not pat of the trend because he cannot take pride in things in other places over where he comes from.

“I just want to say that I can’t relate to what others have over mine. I will say Kumasi and not Kumerica. But it is a trend so we live it but I will not say that” he noted.

When asked whether he said the media shouldn’t play his old songs, he confirmed it is true because some of his old songs don’t help his ministry now. For instance, one of my old songs endorses adulatory and I don’t think it will be fair if someone enters your studio to tell you he wants to come for your wife because I said that is no big deal. So these are the things I was saying it isn’t cool and don’t help my ministry” he added.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)