Video + Meet The Musician With Tattoos Of All Her Ex- Boyfriends: She Has Vowed To Chop Sammy Flex Next

Things are really happening in this space of show business that are mind blowing especially among female artistes in the country. This story is about a- 20- year old female musician called Maa Adwoa who has inked names of her boyfriends on her skin.

Apparently, most of these guys she has dated all left the relationship for only God knows why therefore making her keep the names of these ex-boy friends on her skin perpetually. Though one might think she does not intend to write more names on her skin, she says the next boy if he turns out to be a good guy, will also have his name written on her in a form of tattoo.

That notwithstanding, she is really a talented singer with a brand new song to her credit on Youtube. Search for Maa Adwoa after watching this interview to enjoy her musical prowess.

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