Video + Curses Galore in Joyce Blessing & Former Publicist Julie Jay`s Saga

The curses and counter curses will not stop soon if the two people in the thick of affairs don`t stop trading that as their means of hurting each other in what is happening between Joyce Blessing and former publicist Julie Jay Kanz. The two are at loggerheads because there has been a serious misunderstanding between them on their working conditions leading to a break up over the months.

In a fresh story published by Zion Felix earlier, Julie Jay Kanz was seen in a video telling event organizers to stop booking Joyce Blessing for gigs because according to her, Joyce Blessing is not mentally okay. This statement obviously did not go down well with some radio pundits on Zylofon FM`s Showbiz Agenda hosted by Sammy Flex last week.

The Pundits charged on both Joyce Blessing and Julie Jay to desist from such statements else they ruin their future professionally.

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Story by: Akua Gyemfa