“Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win Should Stop Complaining About Kumawood Actors Not Showing Up For His Cocoa Season Series” – Kwaku Manu

Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has reacted to some attitude of his fellow actor and industry brother Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win, suggesting that the Cocoa Season producer stops complaining about actors who have refused or have not had time to be part of his new TV series project.

Speaking on United Showbiz on United Television with Nana McBrown and other actors like Mercy Asiedu, Ellen Whyte, Vivian Jill, Akorbeto and Bill Asamoah, Kwaku Manu said Lil Win should stop making people feel like Kumawood actors envy him because, not making time to be part of a project doesn’t mean there is hatred for him.

According to him, Lil Win has equally turned down so many calls for projects like that and even refused to answer his calls for similar projects.

“We are all in this bussiness. I host Agressive Interview. I have called Mercy Asiedu, Akrobeto and Bill Asamoah but they have not had time to come for the interview. I have hosted Vivian Jill. I have called Ellen Whyte but she doesn’t answer my calls but that’s not even my problem. Nana Ama I booked you almost one year before I got you on my show. But this doesn’t mean I should go rant on social media that actors that I work with hate me and make bloggers feed on my rants. You can find some of such comments on his own IG page and that of other bloggers as well. Recently, he granted an interview with one blogger, I have forgotten his name. I think Nkonkonsa or so, and he claimed that because he is the one doing the project and it is not any of us, we envy him and that is why we don’t want to be part of his project” he explained on the show.

Kweku added: “He is here, ask him, I have called him on two occassions for my project and he didn’t show up. When I was shooting my first series “Agye Gon”, we met at Bishop Nyarko’s one week celebration and I informed him. He told me to call him when the script is ready and I said okay. Now ask him that ever since I finsihed with the script if he has ever answered my phone call. He has not answered my calls till today. I called him to host him on my Agressive interview, he demanded that I go for a sponsorship before he can grant me the interview. But today you are shooting a series and I have not had the time to shoot with you so you are on social media complaining that I didn’t show up for your project. Kwadwo should not be complaining like that because maybe today Akrobeto didn’t make time for me but it doesn’t mean he hates me. You are shooting series so I didn’t make time today, perhaps I will make time tomorrow. Kwadwo should not complain. And he should stop the I will pay or I am paying you talks because it is not everybody that you can pay. He should stop acting like he is rich”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)