Teacher Kwadwo Tells How He Manages To Gift School Uniforms To Needy Pupil

Ghanaian award winning comedian who doubles as a Pupil`s Teacher has opened up on how he manages to give school uniforms to needy Pupil in the villages where he teaches.

On Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda with Sammy Flex TV, he stated that he does buy new uniforms for those whose parents can’t afford them and those who have tattered uniforms every month all from his salary and the money he gets from the Despite Group.

He revealed that all the uniforms he buys for the kids who are really in need of it every month is three times his salary, meaning his salary is very low therefore he can’t do it all, so he tops up with his YouTube money.

According to Teacher Kwadwo, he has been in that situation before where he once wore tattered uniforms to class. Though he was not happy wearing it, he had no one to get him a new one and that’s why he has taken it upon himself to do it for others just to put smiles on their faces and to make them learn hard.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori