“People Act Like They Love Me But They Are All Enemies”- KKD Talks About Rape Allegations

Seasoned broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah popularly known as KKD has shared more details on his alleged rape case and was very furious in his narration.

Speaking with Fiifi Pratt on Afro Joint show on Kingdom+ FM over the weekend, she said people say stupid stuff about people based on hearsays when they have no details to issues. KKD said he never approached the said girl on that day. According to him, it was the girl that approached him and later followed him to KOD’s hotel room when he went in to powder his face. The so called rape victim denied being raped and never wrote a statement at the police station but there was someone behind this whole thing.

“Women who crush on men don’t wait for them to propose to them. So those who like talking stupidly and foolishly should stop, because women choose men they want to go out with. Stop those stupid talks as if every lady you see with a man is paid some money or the man might have forced her. Today, women choose who they want to live with. If a woman is pregnant for you and she doesn’t really love you, she aborts it. Women today select men they want to make babies with. People like to talk foolishly but sometimes you keep quiet because you want to be gentle. But sometimes things get to your throat and you speak things out. Which man loves old women? Everyone likes younger person. Everyone. But people wake up and start talking nonsense. You think if I want a woman I wouldn’t find one? But there is a cue. Even those that don’t have jobs, people still love them. When you watch the CCTV you will see it” he explained.

He further explained: “It is the lady that was kissing me. If you are talking to a woman and she doesn’t like you she draws back. But she was the one kissing me. Such a fine girl you think she doesn’t know what she likes? We all have choices. So we should stop the nonsense talk that he has gone for a woman. Women also go for men. The women also choose men sometimes. So it was the girl that followed me to the bathroom suit and in there we had fun. So the lady didn’t even write a statement at the police station. Because he told them she wasn’t raped and she won’t lie about it. My lawyers have even written to the state prosecutor for over four and half years now to present us with the statement from the so called victim but it has not come till date. So who was behind this whole thing? Because someone called Gary to tell me to leave because they all know this is not true. So you don’t make judgement out of hearsay”.

“The girl didn’t have a statement so Johnny Hughes even got pissed and went to the police stattion. Eugene Osarfo Nkansah told me the girl had no statement so I asked him why hasn’t he reported it? Because they all act like they love me but they are all enemies. I told Eugene in the face. So after all the talks, I am still here. I am 54 years. My kids are working, I am working and I am good. It really affected me. I almost went mad. Someone took care of me here but I had to go to England. I had depression” he added.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)