Exclusive! Gloria Kani Gives More Details On Her Feud With Tracey Boakye

Kumawood actress now evangelist Gloria Kani has given more details on why she got involved in the Tracey Boakye and Mzbel feud back in August 2020. Gloria in a video on Tuesday December 8 on Facebook, disclosed that she had an accident during campaign in 2016 but Tracey failed to give her the money NDC gave to Tracey to be donated to her.

According to her, this was before Tracey had advised her not to inform anyone about her accident since that will be used against their party NDC at that time. She added that Tracey has done so many evil things to her in the past but she has not talked about it.

Kani said she did this video to pure out her pain so she does not harbor any ill feeling entering 2021 and will never do any video on this issue ever again.

“Any issues on social media today concerning me, I want to make things clear and close the docket. I am not angry. I am in a very good mood this morning. After this video that I am doing God is my witness, I am inviting the Holy Spirit to be my witness that this is my first and last video on social media concerning the issues that came up. Some months ago, that was in August. Some issues came up concerning Tracey and Mzbel but people don’t know how come I got involved in the issue. So people insulted me. Some felt it was a Tracey and Mzbel issue and didn’t understand why I got myself involved in it. It is true.

Anyone close to me knows I don’t lie including Tracey herself. It is true I wasn’t part but this is how come I got involved in the issue. Before her issue came up with Mzbel, Tracey and I had our own issues but I never discussed it on social media. But today I know many will understand me. It was 2016 that we decided to go support former president Mahama and the NDC party. We went to campaign for the party and the flagbearer at that time welcomed us very well. Imagine someone who has grown up in Bantama going to support the NDC. Just imagine the pressure and attacks that came on me. It wasn’t easy for me at all. But we were received into the NDC well. Later Tracey changed but I decided to ignore all that. I sacrificed to be the foolish one just to keep our friendship” she revealed.

She added: “Question number one, ask Tracey if ever since I got to know her if she has brought me even 10 pesewas for me to inquire how much she received that she is giving me 10 pesewas before? I have never done that before. I accept any amount of money she brings to me. And she can bare witness to that. Now during the campaign in 2016, I had an accident at Tepa Mankranso area. I had a serious accident with Kumawood director Asare Bediako. I was admitted at Kufor emergency at Okomfo Anokye hospital in kumasi. Out of the accident, I have deformed teeth and leg today. After the accident, no one has even called me to find out how I’m doing and I have decided not to inform anyone. When I had the accident, Tracey came begging me not to inform anybody about it since NPP will use that to campaign against our party NDC. I sacrificed my life and didn’t even inform my own mother. None of my relatives knew about it just because of the love I had for my party NDC. The only one I informed was Eagle Prophet. I did all these things because of the advice my friend Tracey gave me. Ask Tracey Boakye where is the money that was given to her to be given to me when I was admitted at Okomfo Anokye hospital? So if I came out to say I have been a fool for Tracey for four years, then there are lot of issues people don’t know. Later she introduced me to a connection man when I wanted to travel to Germany to give birth but the man ended up frauding me. He only got me a Dubai visa. Later, Tracey told me I did not inform her about my trip to Germany so she cannot get the same guy she introduced to me to pay me back my money”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)