“Not Going Semi Nude On Social Media Has Taken A Lot Of Business Contract From Me” Akuapem Poloo

Popular Instagram brand influencer Akuapem Poloo has lamented over the fact that she is no more posting semi nude photos and videos on her page to bring her more business contracts.

Speaking with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus 101.9 FM, she revealed that has really affected her income since she is no more loud on social media and not getting some products to promote because she can’t even show skin any longer.

“I think people are missing my wildness on social media but lately I don’t go crazy again. I mean like I will wear sexy things and twerk. Now if you see me dancing, you will see me in something that I’m all covered. I dance because dancing is an exercise but I don’t go semi nude. I am all covered and I dance. Have fun on my page. I don’t talk about people. And that is what people are missing. Of late when you see me during red carpet ceremonies, I’m all covered. I don’t go to red carpet to the break internet again. I don’t even talk about my awards again but I have been winning lots of awards” she said on the show.

She further lamented: “You don’t hear it but if I should go on a red carpet wearing something sexy or crazy dress, it will be everywhere and you will hear about it. You see, this is why I say Ghanaians are hypocrites. Because I am doing something and when I break the internet, it brings me more business contracts. Because some of the businesses needs loudness. For instance, I used to promote body creams on my page and had to show skin for people to see how good the product is after I use it but people complained. Now I have stopped. I don’t show skin again and that is affecting my market. And no one is feeding me as well”.

According to Poloo, people will insult you if you should go to them for money yet they will not leave you alone to make money your own way. She said now that Ghanaians have criticized her and she has stopped posting semi nude photos and videos for promotion of products, her market has broken down and it is really affecting her.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)