“Think About Ghanaians Who Don’t Have American Passport Like You” – Ayisha Modi To Kelvin Taylor

Popular socialite, Ayisha Modi who is well known on social media as She Love Stonebwoy has responded to Kelvin Taylor of Loud Silence Media over his recent attacks on reggae/dancehall artiste Stonebwoy for calling for calm in Ashiaman after some NDC youths took to the streets to burn tires in a protest against the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

According to Ayisha in a Facebook post on Thursday, Kelvin should think about the many Ghanaians who don’t have American passports like him but have only Ghana as their home. She said Kelvin shouldn’t condemn Stonebwoy’s call for peace because he feels he is above him but rather be mindful of the actions he takes just because of his affiliation to a political party and think about Ghana first.

Ayisha posted: “When a concern citizen make a speech we should listen to it carefully and realize the positive outcome of it. We shouldn’t condemn their opinions because we feel like we are above them. Please How many politicians held a peace walk (campaign) to unite all political parties before the General election?? How many people made it well known to the masses that this is an exercise to choose a leader to help Ghana progress but not the other way round to bring conflicts..Stonebwoy did all this from a good heart to calm nerves down with his own money because we have only one Ghana to protect.

Therefore he respect and value Ghana (citizens) because this peaceful country made him who he is today so there is no way he will watch his people start something which might end up with a negative result if care is not taken…We should take a critical look at what happened in Nigeria during their protests which later led to sad stories for innocent souls to die and others loosing their families. Are we going to wait for the worse to happen in Ghana before those who have influence in the creative Arts Industry who have influence like Stonebwoy, Shatta etc to preach peace to their people???

Kelvin Taylor has an American passport sameway I do so if serious problems arise in Ghana we are safe but what about the homeless and those who have only Ghana as a home ?? We should be mindful of actions we take just because of our affiliation to a political party and think about Ghana first. when it comes to politics you have a say, I have a say we all have a say”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)