Pay Me My $50,000 Or I Curse You With Antoa – Ogidi Brown To Fameye

The CEO of OGB music Ogidi Brown has threatened to curse Fameye if he doesn’t settle the $50,000 he owes him in two weeks time.

Ogidi Brown in a live video on his Instagram page stated that Fameye wants to make a fool out him.

According to him, he will not allow all the money he invested in him go waste and that he tried taking it to court but Fameye visited him with elderly people to plead on his behalf which he agreed to pay the money.

“Months and years have gone by but Fameye has turned death ears and has refused to pay the money. What pisses me off is you fameye has been able to organize your own show and has ignored to pay me my percentage of what I invested in you, you want to enjoy all the 100% we are supposed to share” he angrily stated.

“If I kill you and the money goes, waste I will be happy for that. You want to enjoy my hard earned money because you think I’m a disabled person and can’t do anything to you. I don’t sleep on gold and it has never been easy for me working for money. I will visit the Antoa shrine for my money” Ogidi added.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori