We Must Stop The Abuse Of Women If We Want The Coming Year To Be Better – Asem Advices

Asem who is a Ghanaian rapper based in the USA, has advised Ghanaians and the world to avoid abusing women if we want the coming year to be better.

On his Twitter page, he posted that men should learn how to cherish and respect women. Because if you respect and cherish a woman, you won’t abuse nor rape her.

He added that women are a gift from God and that’s why they must be loved and cherished so that the coming year 2021 will be better than the year 2020.

“If we want the coming year to be better than the last, a lot of things need to change. Men must stop the abuse and rapping women. Women are a gift from God and should be loved and cherished at all cost. ASEM 🎩👑” Asem on Twitter advised the world.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori