Deep Message: Mr Logic Advises Kuami Eugene To Forgive His Dad & Accept Him

Ghanaian reggae/dancehall dada who doubles as an artiste manager and a pundit Mr Logic, has advised Lynx Entertainment’s Kuami Eugene to let go all his Dad did wrong and accept him as his father. He made this post on his timeline on Facebook sighted by today.

Some Ghanaians think it’s a lie and that the father just wants to seek some attention and would want to reap where he hasn’t sowed.

From November last year through to December, a man with the name Mr. Kwasi Boakye claimed he is the real father of Kuami Eugene adding that the musicians mother has also confirmed it’s true, but in all Mr Logic has given Kuami a very good advice as a father and a man.

Read the Facebook Post below


I may sound nosey but whatever your dad did wrong, open your heart and let go”
You are gradually becoming a father too”

Most Women always want vengeance visited on men whether our mothers,sisters ,unties etc “they are same.
The sad part is the true story is never told to a child”
Every man is a woman’s problem”

Becarefull young bro” make peace with your Dad and give him the little support you can as a son because your conscience won’t forgive YOU one day regardless how strong you form”

Am sure if you had grown up to realise your dad is Kwame Despite regardless of being rockstar you may have made peace already or seek rigth answers to make mends,but unfortunately that is ironic.

I have been through this BEFORE!!

His blood run through you so his bloody tears can also affect you !!

Talk to shatta wale for further advice if this piece doesn’t SINK !!
Happy new year and God bless u”#LOGIC

Pls Share till it reach him”

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori